You’ve seen it a million times. The effect of Digg or Reddit on a site but what you don’t see all that often is the results of one article being on some of the top humor sites and digg and comparing the hits that result from each. Digg certainly has the most response but many of the other sites have suprisingly good hits as well and combined are quite a force. This is the hit results from a tattoo article I had this month and the sources . It really points out how many hits the big humor sites can send out. This is over the course of a week.

The other tech sites that tend a ton of hits are boing boing, endgadget, and now techcrunch. Combined they may be able to top these . Of course on the humor side the big boy is Fark who can send 50K on a good day. I realize these numbers are personal and based on my one story. The hits could differ greatly story to story but I think these are pretty good averages for all the sites. I have been dugg before with story reaching 3500 diggs and the numbers were about the same from digg on that one as compared to the tattoo post. In conclusion I believe the humor world is bigger than the tech world and capable as a group sending much more traffic to your site as a collection. I just happened to get a story on both world to be able to compare the two. One thing they both have in common. The readers from both sites come and go and don’t stick around. No comments, no clicks, no problem.