Are you tired of power hours where the only entertaining thing that happens is when your friend, who "can’t hang," curls up into the fetal position after only 20 minutes? Granted, it is hilarious for a while. But then it just gets sad and makes you question your friendship.

You can avoid all of that awkwardness with "The Greatest DVD Ever!" A compilation of clips from all of your favorite movies and TV shows, complete with a built-in drinking game. It’s even got a timer and a pop-up beer logo that lets you know when to drink and how much time you have before your next shot. The DVD has over two hundred clips and plays on shuffle so you never get the same order, guaranteeing that the only thing you will be able to predict is when your light weight friend is going to hit the floor. 
Order your own copy for only $10 from the aptly-named website, where you can also watch some samples of the DVD. Why not use them as a mini version of the game while you are at work? (Editor’s note: Bosses love this sort of thing.)