Every young girl one day dreams of either becoming the President of the United States, a doctor, or simply never having to work again after marrying a preposterously rich individual who will be dead in the very near future. If we could, we’d all do it.

But being a gold digger is a serious job. It takes time and dedication, and it might not work out for you if your elderly lover ends up becoming a medical marvel and lives for years after you’ve exchanged your nuptials. Well, if you’re looking to fill the role of a gold digger yourself, here are the five people you should take heed from.



Anna Nicole Smith – Anna Nicole Smith was the quintessential gold digger. She married the octogenarian Howard Marshall, who was aged 62 years older than her, and then denied that it was simply for the 89-year-old’s money. Luckily for her then, because when he died just 13 months later she looked certain to inherit half of his $1.6 billion fortune. Instead, though, she had to take part in a series of court cases with Howard’s sons to get her hands on her fortune.



Heather Mills – After Heather Mills’ divorce from Paul McCartney, the one-legged former model looked to claim almost $250 million from the ex-Beatle, but had to make do with a pultry £50 million instead. She’s thought to be living on the streets somewhere.



Ivana Trump – If there is one man that the world doesn’t mind seeing screwed over, it’s Donald Trump. So the fact that, in her divorce settlement with the wig wearing cretin, Ivana managed to inherit $20 million should really be celebrated.



The Girls Next Door – It’s hard to argue with the position that there are no losers in Hugh Hefner’s agreement with Holly Madison, Kendra Wilkinson, and Bridget Marquardt. Hef gets to date all three of them, and they each all get to live in the Playboy mansion and have their own reality show on E! Win-win.



Kevin Federline – K-Fed’s marriage to Britney Spears only lasted for two years, but after their bitter divorce battle he ended up with a $20,000 monthly allowance and full custody of their two children. It helps when your ex-wife goes insane and shaves her head.