Today we rolled out The GUYDE. We even included this nifty video. But if you would rather read our quarterly map to guy’s thoughts, attitudes and activities in infographic form, well, we’ve got you covered. We asked hundreds of men questions about grooming, fitness, entertainment, sports, women and dating. This is what they told us.


Key takeaway: 95 percent of all men trim Down Under. Very, very carefully.


wii fit exercise

Key takeaway: If you start quoting Tony “Get out your little bucket” Horton of P90X fame at a party, someone will likely join in.


tina fey versus saral silverman

Key takeaway: 19 percent of the men surveyed in The Guyde will soon be divorced.


facebook dating

Key takeaway: the 55 percent of men who do not remove an ex from their Facebook friends probably still want to “poke” their ex.


favorite sports

Key takeaway: UFC is almost as popular as baseball. Soccer, you have some work to do.