Helix is the world’s first wearable cuff with extractable stereo Bluetooth headphones embedded in its conveniently discreet design, which looks somewhat like a classier Fitbit in white, black, silver, champagne gold, gold edition or bright red. The simplicity of the Helix design solves the seriously first-world issue of tangled headphones, saving you time you’d otherwise spend unknotting.

Helix was created under the premise that the human wrist is valuable real estate, and the idea that form follows function, according to Mika Nenonen, Chief Designer of Helix and former Lead ID Designer at Nest and Nokia. He says the team paid plenty of attention to aesthetics, aerodynamics and created a product that looks and feels right, yet it hides its technological power.

Founder Angela Pan says she wanted to bridge the gap between fashion and functional designer in a wearable technology, and Helix does just that for $99. See more pics and a video below.

Helix-headphones Helix-Wearable-Cuff Helix