News Networks like CNN and MSNBC have come to a realization that any 13-year old boy could have figured out: guys like hot chicks.  This has led to some awesome changes in their normal news programming.  Basically, they’ve started stacking their newsanchor rosters with incredibly hot women.  Normally we would prefer to get our news from a stiff, staunchy, gray-haired elderly gentleman in a houndstooth blazer and bow tie, but if the networks insist that we stare at some mega-babes while being informed of the world’s goings-on, then so be it.  Here are some of the Hottest Newsanchor Babes on television:



Robin is the lead anchor for CNN’s Morning Express with Robin Meade.  In 2004, Playboy named her the Sexiest Newscaster on television.  That decision was the result of a polling in which Robin received 40% of the votes, which is a lot.  Oh, Robin was also crowned Miss Ohio in ’92 and was one of 10 Finalists for the crown of Miss America.  Basically, Robin has been hot for a long, long time.  We imagine she’s pretty good at updating us on current events, but we can be too sure, because every time we watch her program, our longing sighs drown out her voice.  Robin worked for a short time with fellow Morning Express hottie Adrianna Costa, who reported on entertainment news for the program.


 Kiran made a name for herself as an anchor on Fox News, working as a rotating anchor on Fox News Live until she was awarded a co-hosting spot on Fox & Friends Weekend, which, as the title suggests, was a weekend news program with a deliberately cartoony name that was designed to lure unwitting children into the Fox fanbase. She’s Nepalese, and in 2006 Maxim Magazine name Kiran one of the Top Ten Sexiest Newsanchors on television.  She’s also fairly prone to catfights with fellow female newsanchors, like Linda Stouffer, which is super-hot.


Lindsay is the adorable sports reporter for Washington D.C.’s NBC affiliate, NBC4.  On a more national level, she’s also a pit reporter for Nascar, and she was a prominent sportsdesk reporter for NBC during the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China.  She’s known for being rather candid at times, often sharing personal stories about a variety of topics, like getting DUI’s from the D.C. police.  She’s also hosting a gymnastics program on the Oxygen network, entitled Gymnastics on Oxygen.  I’ll write that again, in case you started thinking that you’re hallucinating. Lindsay Czarniak is hosting a show about gymnastics.  Gentlemen, start your Tivo’s.


You can watch Betty on CNN all Saturday and Sunday morning.  Seriously, just turn it on when you wake up (assuming that’s before 2pm) and leave it there. It’s well worth it.  Betty is half Caucasian and half Vietnamese.  She was born in Saigon, and her family fled to the U.S. when she was about a year old.  She grew up in Dallas Texas, is a huge Mavericks fan, and also appeared in an episode of Walker, Texas Ranger as a local Dallas news anchor, which is awesome.  Do yourself a favor: wake up with Betty on the weekends. 


As you may have guessed, Georgie is an English babe (who else would name a hot chick "Georgie"?) who handles the sports desk at Sky Sports, which as far as we can tell is a lot like Sports Center, except that their studios are floating high above England in a cloud city-type structure.  She’s covered a lot of automotive races and tennis matches in England,  and FHM named her one of the Sexiest Women in the World.  That’s out of all the women in the world, not even just newsanchors, so that’s saying something.  Think of all the women that you saw today (real or imaginary).  The odds are pretty good that Georgie is hotter than all of them.


Bianna graduated from the University of Texas, and within a few years she was working as a segment producer for CNBC, because she’s wicked smart when it comes to finance.  Any chick who’s interested in finance is treated like a goddess by other finance nerds, and when that chick happens to be incredibly hot, that’s what they call "finance nerd heaven".  In 2007, Bianna took a position with ABC’s Good Morning America, and since then she’s been the network’s go-to reporter for all things economic and business-related.  Luckily, we’re in the throws of a severe economic crisis right now, so Bianna should be getting a lot of face time in the months to come.  Are you suddenly interested in stocks and other money-related stuff? We are too.


 Erica is an anchor on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360.  She’s easy to recognize, because she’s the hot one that doesn’t have an entire head of prematurely stark-white hair.  That would be Anderson.  Erica is also the co-anchor of the Saturday edition of The Early Show on CBS.  Do you realize what this means?  It means that if you put two televisions in your bed on Friday night, you could potentially wake up sandwiched between Erica Hill and Betty Nguyen, who would both be looking babetastic and relaying important information to you.  How great would that be?


Let’s all take a moment to just stare at the picture above and appreciate just how rare this kind of raw, sultry beauty is in the world of broadcast news.  Now let’s all take another moment to appreciate the French for introducing us to Melissa.  She’s well-known in France, and can be seen on a number of different programs, crossing network and genre lines and increasing France’s druel production by over 88% in the last year alone.  Since her introduction to French audiences in 2003, Melissa has become an internet phenomenon.  There are a couple of ways for you to get your fill of Melissa: you can subscribe to French television, or you can do a quick youtube search and find more than enough montages and clips to satisfy your thirst for all things Melissa.  She’s easily the hottest babe on the news, even if it’s the French news.