We know what you’re thinking: why Belgium? Well, a surprised and curious reaction to a list of the hottest Belgian women is valuable in and of itself in a tired, bored internet list world of the same hot exotic chicks from the same old countries. Bordered by France, the Netherlands, and Germany, Belgium is the forgotten middle sibling in a family of countries with infamously hot, tall, cigarette-smoking, verboten, and/or extremely fashionable women. It’s time that Belgian women get the recognition they deserve, and we want them to shine brighter than any diamond from Antwerp.

Also, we kind of decided to write about them after someone sent us a random email about featuring Belgian chicks. Email interaction can sway us pretty easily (as do cash bribes).

In fact, Belgium is the new Brazil as far as clammy-handed internet babe lists are concerned. That’s right, we said it. So don’t waffle on whether or not this list is worthwhile (get used to the waffle puns now, there’s bound to be a lot of them) and just read the damn thing.

Brigitta Callens

Let’s start off with the mega hot Brigitta, one of the youngest "Miss Belgium" winners of all time. She’s been modeling her whole life, has posed in the Belgian edition of Playboy (does that wonderful magazine exist in every country? Because it should.), and recently created her own line of jewelry that’s been very popular in Belgium. If you thought, upon gazing at the pic above, that she looks like a dancer, you’d be correct: she’s been an accomplished ballerina since her childhood in Oudenaarde, a tiny town known as the jewel of the Flemish Ardennes whose name roughly translates in English to "Town of Way Too Many Vowels."

Kate Ryan

Ms. Ryan may have the least Belgian name out of all the women on this list, but she has more gold records that the rest of the ladies put together. She’s been a successful recording artist in Belgium and the Netherlands since 2001, and you probably all remember her stirring performance of "Je t’adore" at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006…we all pay a little extra for European dance concert coverage on our cable bills, right? Ryan is still a very sexy songstress to this day, with a new single dropping soon that she hopes will be as popular as her biggest hit, "Scream for More." Hopefully, that suggestive title and this video will give you a little something to dream about tonight…

Hanna Verboom

Hanna has already lived a varied and interesting life beyond her years due to a host of talents. She was born in Belgium, spent most of her childhood years in the Sudan and Kenya, won a nation-wide modeling contest, acted opposite the legendary Rob Schneider in "Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo" and stole every scene they were in together, had her paintings exhibited in a famous art gallery in Amsterdam, and is ridiculously hot. Phew. To top it all, her last name is really cool and would lend itself perfectly to most sportscasters’ repertoire of silly sayings had she been an athlete. "Hanna sets up for her match point serve and…Ver-BOOM! It’s an ace down the line!"

Dominique Van Hulst

Dominique, or "Do" as most fans call her, is a very successful and well-known singer in her native country, with her songs also becoming very popular in Germany, Spain, and France and their respective dance music scenes. Her biggest hit was a cover of the Bryan Adams song "Heaven," which is the place you go to, coincidentally, if you stare long enough at her beautiful pictures. Feel free to stay on Chickipedia and keep looking as long as you like; it’s great for our time-on-site analytics…I mean, it’s really fun to keep looking around!

Linda Mertens

Linda is the lead singer of the cheekily-named Belgian vocal trance band, Milk, Inc. She’s known for wearing pink panties in photo shoots, and having gotten discovered by accident in an upscale club. She got the gig after asking, “Is that cream of Belgian endive soup in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?” Turns out they were just really, really happy to see her. Now, you can be happy too.

Tanja Dexters

With abs toned harder than a waffle iron and an indefatigably positive attitude, Tanya was a natural to be crowned Miss Belgium 1998. She went on to represent her country at Miss Universe 1999 and Miss World 1998. To be perfectly honest, it is almost impossible to find any other information on Ms. Dexters in English, so if anyone can translate some Dutch websites and let us know more about her, we Chicki editors would greatly appreciate it. Until then, we will continue to gawk at her hotness and assume she is way, way too cool to talk to us. You know, the "unattainable chick in every high school" rule.

Veronique de Kock

Already a model at 15, Veronique was crowned Miss Belgium 1995. Her beautiful name spun the heads of teenagers worldwide – similar to how one rotates a waffle iron – and brought her to the attention of Frank Slaets, a notable Russian mob boss. The two were married a year later, but unfortunately their spec script for a reality show based on their married life was turned down. Imagine a Russo-Belgian version of "The Sopranos." Gang violence, marital pressure, and maple syrup. Who wouldn’t watch that?