The release of the film The Warrior’s Way marks Kate Bosworth’s transformation from the girl next door into the girl next door who kills people. To commemorate this semi-historic event, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite badass fighter chicks from recent movie history. These are the girls who make murder look good, who carry extra ammunition in their purses, who use sex to kill, shrug off knife wounds, keep handguns strapped to their thighs and wear leather whenever the hell they feel like it. Rambo should have been a chick. No — Rambo should have been a chick who liked to keep things casual. Get on that sh*t, Hollywood.

Kate Bosworth The Warrior’s Way

Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth as a cute surfer chick in a bikini? Hot. Kate Bosworth as a knife-wielding borderline psychopath circus performer with a mysterious blood-soaked past and a knack for hunting humans? Super hot. Yes, we have issues.

Uma Thurman Kill Bill

Uma Thurman

This was never revealed in the film, but one of the skills that Beatrice Kiddo acquired in ninja school was the ability to turn blood into an aphrodisiac. That whole movie was like a crazy vampire sex party waiting to happen.

Salma Hayek Desperado

Salma Hayek

It’s a pretty basic equation at this point: Girl plus knife-throwing skills multiplied by sultry Mexican accent equals holy crap this chick is hot. Damn you to hell, Antonio Banderas. Seriously, though, what was it like?

Carrie-Ann MossThe Matrix trilogy

Carrie-Ann Moss

There’s a rumor that the Wachowski brothers only wrote The Matrix as an excuse to see Carrie-Ann Moss in a black rubber bodysuit. Okay, so that’s more of a theory than a rumor, but come on, the proof is right there. Who the hell tries to fight off a massive legion of indestructible robot overlords in a dominatrix outfit? And then the second movie happened and it was all so clear.

Natalie PortmanV for Vendetta

Natalie Portman

Even after losing all her hair/fear/ability to feel human emotion, Natalie Portman’s character in V for Vendetta still manages to look good while kicking a significant amount of corrupt political ass. Proof that terrorism can be sexy? Not quite, but definitely a step up from those pasty IRA girls.

Devon AokiSin City

Devon Aoki

Remember that scene where she cuts the guy’s head off? And then blood sprays all over the place? And then she just stands there looking totally badass because she doesn’t even care at all? Yeah, man. That was awesome.

Rose McGowan Grindhouse

Rose McGowan

Her right leg is a gun. The rest of her is Rose McGowan. Enough said.


Michelle Rodriguez Everything she has ever been in

Michelle Rodriguez

Whether she’s shooting down space marines in a fancy space helicopter or wielding dual machine guns against a horde of coked-out Mexican drug runners, Michelle Rodriguez is always, without fail, that badass chick who fights things. And in no way do we mean that as a criticism of Michelle’s career. The woman is a trailblazer, for god’s sake. How many other actresses can boast an on-screen kill count rivaling that of Sylvester Stallone? Not many, fool. Not many at all.

Milla Jovovic Resident Evil series

Milla Jovovich

A revved-up, decked-out, tousle-haired zombie-killing super-woman with legs like two shapely splinters and a pair of eyes that will pierce your soul, knock you on your ass and make you cry like the worthless sack of love-struck human putty that you are. Case closed.