Pursued by ghosts, hatchet-wielding madmen, crazed animals and demonic spirits, they run, scream, fall and occasionally fight back. No matter what goes down, the girls of the horror film genre are always a pleasure to watch. Just in time for Halloween, here’s a gallery of some of the hottest babes from recent horror films.

Julianna Guill — Friday the 13th

Julianna Guill—remember that name. Who is she, you ask? She’s the up-and-coming actress with god-given curves who kicked the sex level way the hell up in 2009’s Friday the 13th reboot. Spoiler alert: She takes her top off. Also, she dies.

Neve CampbellScream

A throwback, for sure, but Neve Campbell’s satirical take on the scream-queen archetype wasn’t just a classic horror genre milestone: It was an extraordinarily sexy classic horror genre milestone that put Campbell on the map. Keep in mind if it wasn’t for this role we never have gotten to see her make out with Denise Richards in Wild Things.

Imogen PootsFright Night

Fright Night—a remake of the 1985 film of the same name—lived up to its hype, pleasing critics and viewers alike. Of course, the best part of the movie was little-known actress Imogen Poots, who proved that even a cute, smallish blond girl looks straight-up terrifying when wielding a medieval axe soaked in blood.

Ali Larter — Final Destination

It’s been a while since Ali Larter faced down Death in the first Final Destination flick, but her role effectively set the hotness bar for all Destination babes to come. Need proof? Keep reading.

Mary Elizabeth WinsteadFinal Destination 3

Boom. Arguably more attractive than her predecessor Larter, Mary Elizabeth Winstead brought a much-appreciated girl-next-door vibe to the Destination series while maintaining all the manic sexiness of a girl trying to outrun the Grim Reaper.

Rose ByrneInsidious

She spent the majority of the film with a look of terror on her face, yet somehow still managed to look obscenely cute.

Kelly Brook — Piranha 3D

Here’s all you need to know about Piranha 3D: Kelly Brook wears pretty much nothing for the entire film. Reason enough to pick up a copy? Yes. Yes, yes, yes.

Hayden Panettiere — Scream 4

The latest addition to the Scream franchise featured a lineup of hot young actresses, most notably blond bombshell and former psychic cheerleader Hayden Panetierre.

Jessica BielThe Texas Chainsaw Massacre

You know why Leatherface was such a deplorable villain? Because he had absolutely no qualms about killing the hottest chick ever to set foot in that podunk Texas town of his. Honestly dude, what the hell is wrong with you? Sure there’s the whole “wearing peoples’ faces” thing, but you’re not even going to try asking her out first? At least wait until she rejects you to turn a chainsaw on her. Idiot.

Megan FoxJennifer’s Body 

Her character was a bloodthirsty, man-killing succubus who consumed the flesh of her lovers and ate their souls. So, yeah, pretty much just a regular girl with vampire teeth.

Alison Lohman — Drag Me to Hell

It’s a real bummer, but we don’t get to see much of Alison Lohman these days. She’s been on some kind of acting hiatus for about a year now, and hasn’t shown much sign of making a return. No joke for this one. Too much sadness.

Gina HoldenSaw 3D

Obviously Gina Holden is super hot, but considering her character in Saw 3D spends the entire movie chained to one trap or another, that particular role is probalby most appealing to bondage fanatics, bear hunters and people who really, really like the game Mouse Trap. It’s okay, we don’t judge here.

Roxane MesquidaRubber

Rubber was a weird-ass movie, and it was difficult to keep up with the story (or lack-thereof) at times. Fortunately, French actress Roxane Mesquida provided a much-appreciated distraction from the film’s bizarre structure and plot.