Ah yes, foreplay: it’s probably the best weapon in a man’s arsenal when it comes to sex. Surprisingly, many guys aren’t properly utilizing that weapon. Think of foreplay as the missile that weakens her defenses, making it easier for you to knock down her, umm, walls. In order to use that missile, it needs to be properly armed. Here’s how to arm it. This is the idiot’s guide to foreplay. After reading this special little piece, you’ll be getting her hot in no time.

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Defining foreplay. What is foreplay? Most guys view foreplay as nothing more than the amount of time it takes to get your woman in the mood. Absolutely false. Foreplay is that time when you get to explore your lady friend. You get to find out how to turn her on, get her hot, and even get her off before your penis even gets to the party. Foreplay is the time to touch, caress, kiss, and fondle her sensitive areas you know about, and to discover new erogenous zones both you and her had no idea existed. In short, foreplay, if done correctly, can eliminate half of the difficulty (if there is any) in pleasing her sexually.

Getting started. Here’s a hint: foreplay can be started by the right words or even a simple text. If you know you want to get her going when you get home, why not plant the seeds throughout the day? Call her and tell her how sexy she is. Text her something naughty. Get her thinking about sex. Chances are, if you’re good at what you do, she’s already thinking about it. All you have to do is let her know you’re on the same page. Periodically share your thoughts with her throughout the day.

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Listening and looking. Moans and heavy breathing are a good thing. If she’s squirming, then you’ve found a good spot. If she’s completely silent and lifeless, you’re missing something. Let her reactions be your map to her body, and you’ll be the foreplay champion.

Physically speaking… Remember, foreplay is about exploration. You can explore in a number of ways: massages, playful wrestling. As long as you can get your hands, lips, and tongue on her, you’re exploring. Try places like her neck, shoulders and lower back as starting points. Use your hands to rub and gently stroke her. Use your lips to tease her. Use your tongue to melt her. Even the backs of her knees can be used to stimulate if you touch them the right way. It’s up to you to find out what she likes. The challenge is to try and get her going without touching places you already know will get her hot.

Teasing her known areas. Every guy knows that her breasts, nipples and inner thighs are sensitive. You can use these areas as fall back plans, but don’t worry so much about these areas unless what you’re doing in other places isn’t working. If your technique doesn’t seem to be producing the results you want, try, try, try again. Be creative and go right back at it. You’ll always have those known sensitive areas to fall back on. She won’t mind you taking the extra time to get to know her body better. As a matter of fact, she’ll love the attention.