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Becoming a good kisser isn’t that hard. All you have to do is pay attention the the woman you’re kissing. You see, being a good kisser is relative to the person you’re actually smooching. It’s the ability to make your lips and tongue dance with hers, but it’s also the ability to make her come after you. People want what they can’t have, right? Make her want your lips because you won’t readily give them to her. This guide is going to turn you kissing idiots into lip locking geniuses. Check out the idiot’s guide to kissing.

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Lip positioning. This is very important. If you two aren’t on the same page, a successful kiss cannot occur. Too high, and you’ll get a booger in your mouth. Too low, and you’ll be sucking on her chin. Before that dreamy moment when you instinctively close your eyes, just check to make sure you guys are lined up correctly. Now it’s safe for you to lean in closer.

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Her breath. When you can feel her breath on your lips, you’re in the kissing zone, but don’t just jump in and start slobbering all over her. What you want to do at this point is make her come to you, so exercise some patience and just wait. Wait dangerously close, but don’t give in to your urges to kiss her first. When you think she just can’t take it anymore, lean in and lightly press your lips to hers.

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Shall we dance? At this point, she’ll be kissing you. Score! But don’t slip up because now It’s more important than ever to stay on your game. You need to meet and match her movements. If she kisses softly, do the same. If she gets aggressive, definitely meet that aggression. What you don’t want to do is get out of sync. Think of this as a dance. Normally a guy leads, but this time, she’s in control. Follow her lead.

Extra stuff. Once you’re comfortable with how she moves, you can incorporate a little fun into the kissing. Be playful. Substitute a peck for a passionate kiss. Switch it up, but keep it all within the rhythm that she has set. Giving her the unexpected kiss here and there is a way to liven up the kissing session. As far as tongue is concerned, think of it like baiting a fish. At some point during your kissing session, she’ll open her mouth. When she does, you can tease her tongue out (if she’s not already jamming it down your throat) by playfully letting yours out just enough so her lips feel it.

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No-nos. Don’t try to kiss her with crusty, dried up lips. They need to be moist. On the flip side, don’t drown her in saliva. Also, never, never, never try to push her into kissing you. If she’s not feeling the kiss, you can’t force her to. She needs to be comfortable, or you won’t get that kiss.