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When it comes to making out, some guys don’t have a clue. Some would even say they’re idiots. Well, this is the idiot’s guide to making out, and it’ll outline certain dos and don’ts in the make out game. By the end of this tutorial, you’ll at least be able to make out well enough so she doesn’t run away scared of your uncontrolled lips. With anything worth learning, practice makes perfect, so take this guide, read it over, and then get out there and practice.

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Let her lead. This isn’t dancing; you don’t have to control the flow. As a matter of fact, it’s better to read how fast she wants to go. If she’s playing the aggressive game, then by all means, have at her. If she’s being extremely shy in the beginning, the last thing you want to do is pounce on her like a jungle cat. You may scare her away. Start out slow: a passionate kiss here, another there. Once she gets more comfortable, you can make your making out session more of a contact sport. Above all, you want her to feel comfortable with what she’s doing.

Kissing. It’s the centerpiece of the make out session. Don’t drown her in your saliva. You have to make her want to kiss you. It’s all about creating that anticipation. Lean in to her, get dangerously close, then slow down. Watch her reaction. If she instinctively leans forward and lowers her eyelids, she wants to kiss you. Pull back slightly; it’ll drive her nuts. Once you finally do kiss, shake things up with varied kissing types. Kiss her passionately. Give her playful pecks. By all means, be patient. Remember, be aggressive when the time is right, but don’t push so far ahead that you leave her behind. Make her want it.

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Exploration. Now, making out isn’t just about kissing. You want to get a little closer than just lips touching. You have to be very careful with hand placement, especially when it has to do with hand placement on certain areas of her body. Start out with gently putting your hands on a neutral area of her body, like her hands. As the kissing becomes more and more passionate, you can attempt to pull her closer to you. Of course, that means putting your hands on her waist to back area and pulling her to you. Don’t just snatch her up like a rag doll. Slowly move your hands up her body, “inadvertently” stimulating her thighs and other areas while reaching for her waist. Watch her reaction. If she leans forward, she’s comfortable with you touching her. Pull her close.

Extra points. If you’ve got your lady friend up close and personal, and she doesn’t mind you rubbing her, there’s a good chance you can introduce yourself to her second stage sensitive areas, i.e. breasts or neck. Remember, do things slowly at first. When she’s on board, go at it. Kiss her or caress those places and watch her reactions. Heavy breathing is a good sign, while a slap means you went too far too fast. Be creative with your fondling to get her going. You may get further than a making out session if you’re lucky…but that’s another lesson.