The whole world is interested in Wall Street this week and they are sending their finest journalists over here to scope it out.

I met a few of these fine folks during my time ‘live blogging from the Street’ today and would like to give everyone out there a little insight into the competition.

This first photo is of Akina Fong from Television Broadcasts Limited in Hong Kong. She just flew in to NYC 2 days ago when news started emerging that the financial system of the entire universe might collapse upon itself (epicenter: somewhere in lower Manhattan).

Although it inadvertently looks like I am about to backhand her across the face in this shot, that could not be farther from the truth. Ms. Fong was extremely polite and spoke better English than most of the Americans I chatted with today. Fong was setting up for her live shot for the 10pm news hour in Hong Kong while in front of the hoarde of bull-ball-licking tourists at Bowling Green. Fong’s goal for the broadcast was to report particularly on the state of job security in the finance field, able to cite various large numbers of increasing jobless claims.

Coolest part? Fong was wearing jeans and a pair of Converse sneakers because her live shot would only be from the waist up. I thought there was only one guy that did that pantsless news anchor stuff?

That brings us to these dudes:

The Colombian press is strange. They were out in full force today covering the big ‘block party’ of a day Ecopetrol was having. This one anchor, while doing a live shot in front of the NY Stock Exchange entrance, was seen speaking through a napkin. Don’t ask me why. But take a look at this taller figure standing next to him. Dude or a chick? I was trying to figure that out for almost 10 minutes.

Then we gathered some more ‘evidence’:

(S)He’s coming right at us! (S)He’s gigantic! Nevermind what is clearly a man’s suit adorning the body, take a look at the strangely phallic object in hand?

Ok the game is up. He’s clearly a dude. Or is he?

And finally, I don’t think these guys were professionals, but they sure look like they were having a lot of fun. Sweet Air Jordan hat, gramps!

Photos by Brendan