In one of it’s Wizard of Oz-ian-style announcements, Apple unveiled the next iteration of the iPhone today. Of course, all the pomp and circumstance was mostly for naught since Gizmodo unveiled this gadget with much less elegance, and much more loudly.

But fanboys worldwide still offer a collective “Ooooooo.” The new phone looks just like the leaked ones, but now we get to know all the gory, official details. The most noticeable difference right off the bat is the steel band that encircles the sides of the phone. This is actually a combination antenna system and rigid body that provides the main structure of the phone. It also changes the aesthetic significantly – doing away with the friendly, rounded edges that made the first, candy-like iPhones so virulently popular. Here’s the stats, quick and dirty:

What it’s got
– front-facing camera
– rear camera with flash
– HD display (960 x 640)
– 800:1 contrast ratio
– 7 hours of 3G talk and 6 hours of browsing
– new gyroscopic ‘six axis’ accelerometer
– new GPS and compass

What it lacks
– 4G connectivity
– Flash compatibility