The iWallet is a wallet ostensibly for people trying to protect their money and identity, but that is really for people trying to look super cool with a high-tech, carbon fiber, Bluetooth enabled wallet. Whatever tickles your pickle, man. 

It is a pretty interesting idea. The wallet itself can be purchased in either a carbon fiber/Kevlar shell or a less-costly fiberglass shell. It’s enabled with Bluetooth so that when your wallet gets more than 30 feet from your cell phone, it’s alarm sounds alerting you and everybody around your wallet that it’s been stolen. Just don’t leave wallet in your jacket if you go to the bathroom on a date.

It also, though, features a thumbprint scanner on the outside which opens the wallet. That seems both a little unnecessary and a lot awesome for this little gadget

You can learn more from the creator of iWallet, Steve Cabouli, in the video below. He, in turn, could likely learn a thing or two about hair styling from you, should you choose to send him a video of yourself. 

The iWallet ships this December 11th, but it’ll cost you at $600 for the carbon model and $300 for the fiberglass. [Buy it]