How many of your possessions do you plan to keep for the next several decades? Probably not your car. Definitely not your computer. And your briefcase? That depends on whether it’s built to last 100 years, like this one from Saddleback Leather Co.

Constructed from tough-as-nails full-grain leather, Saddleback’s thin briefcase ($460) is a reliable daily companion with classic good looks. Available in 17” and 15” models, it boasts more than enough room for a laptop, notebooks and any extra hardware you happen to include in your everyday carry. There’s also a back pocket for flat documents, and three interior compartments for loose odds and ends.

Even ignoring its extensive hauling capabilities, the thin briefcase is an impressive piece. A quick glance at the extra-thick leather, pigskin lining and precision stitching is enough to tell you that this is a serious bag designed to last, and feeling the heft of the thing (it’s a solid 5 pounds when empty) confirms that you could probably wield it as a weapon and/or shield if the need ever arose. Saddleback is so confident in the quality of their product that they include a 100-year warranty, going so far as to claim that your ancestors will fight over it when you’re dead.

Of course, good leather and solid craftsmanship isn’t cheap, and the price tag on the thin briefcase is going to be a turnoff to many. But keep in mind this isn’t meant to be a bag you use for a few years before picking up a new one; this is probably the last briefcase you’ll ever need to buy. In a consumer market based on disposability and planned obsolescence, it’s a real pleasure to come across a product with that particular quality.