Chances are when you think “Subaru,” the first cars that come to mind are the Outback and the WRX STI. The carmaker’s wagon and high-performance WRX have both played a major role in establishing the brand over the years. But there’s a lot more to Subaru these days.

And during a recent retreat to sunny Palm Springs, California, we had a chance to take in some wild adventures while learning more about one of Suby’s sneakier stars, the 2015 Legacy sedan.

Here are the most memorable moments from our escape, along with a few facts on the Legacy, shared in a staple Hollywood format—the classic script—inspired by the nostalgic celebrity feel you get from Palm Springs.


Act I: “Setting the Stage”

Act 1 photo 1

One of the first things you come to appreciate about Palm Springs (after taking in some of that sun) is the understated beauty, a far cry from the flash of big cities like New York or Los Angeles. It’s a defining characteristic you encounter at exclusive A-List resorts like the Parker Hotel, our temporary home for the Subaru getaway.

Act 1 photo 2

Tucked away off one of the main thoroughfares in Palm Springs, the property seems fairly simple when you first approach it. But inside it really comes to life, which in many ways is like the Legacy. That’s not to say that the sedan’s look isn’t appealing. There’s just so much more to appreciate once you’re behind the wheel.


Act II: “A Taste of Exclusivity” 

Act 2 photo 3

The most impressive thing about the new Subaru Legacy is the price, which starts at $22,500 for the 2.5-liter base model. However, even a top-of-the-line 3.6-liter Limited is only a little over $30,000, which is much less than you’d expect to pay given all the car’s amenities.

In addition to Subaru’s standard all-wheel-drive system, the Legacy also offers the carmaker’s Eyesight technology, one of the highest-rated front crash prevention systems on the market, which leaves you even more impressed after a demo. All Limited models of the Legacy also now come standard with a new premium Harman Kardon audio system, a new 6.2 Infotainment System and “Welcome Lighting,” which automatically illuminates the cabin and exterior lights as the driver approaches or departs the car.

Act 2 photo 2

During a tour of one of Frank Sinatra’s houses in Palm Springs, which you can rent for three nights for $10,000 (not including chef), Michael McHale, a spokesperson for Subaru, talked about the idea of making features that typically have been reserved for the elite more accessible.

“It’s interesting how society has changed and what use to be the preserve of the rich and the few has become democratized and we can all have access to that now,” said McHale. “Cars have become so much more reliable, so much more comfortable and for $25,000, which is the cost of the Legacy (generally speaking), you can get a car in terms of ride, comfort, fit, finish, amenities, safety that you would have to pay double for 20 years ago.”


ACT III: “Living Up to the Name”

Act 3 photo 1

Of course, the true test of any car is on the road. That’s especially true for one that carries the Subaru nameplate, considering the brand’s longstanding ties to the active lifestyle.

While certainly no WRX STI (a personal favorite), the Legacy is surprisingly fun to drive. However, I’d probably opt for the 3.6-liter for winding through the type of roads found on our drive through Joshua Tree National Park, where we also had a chance to experience some of the outdoor activities associated with Subaru.

Likely to appeal to those looking for a subtler take on adventure, the Legacy certainly meets that criteria, with a lot of extra perks. More importantly, the sedan is proof that the desire to live a rich, adventurous life doesn’t have to be lost with the need for practicality as well.

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 Photos by Marcus Amick