Here’s the timeline of events:

1.) In 2006, Apple creates the ‘Mac Vs. PC’ ad series. It becomes wildly popular for making fun of personified, lame PC users.

2.) Microsoft sits back and takes the abuse for years.

3.) Eventually Microsoft decides on a new $300 million ad campaign attempting to make PCs cool again. Insert failed ‘Gates and Seinfeld’ ads.

a.) Ad 1 – Shoe Store. Horrible

b.) Ad 2 – Lengthy Home Invasion. Equally Horrible.

c.) Reaction.

4.) After striking out twice, Microsoft tries again with a somewhat successfull series called ‘I’m a PC.’

5.) Just last night, Apple unveiled this, their latest Mac vs. PC spot which lambasts Microsoft for spending $300 million on lame ads, while not fixing their real problem:

6.) Game Over? Let us know what you think should come next in the comments section.