I don’t know if most people realize but most of the photos you see in the AP or in a major paper are set up by the traders. Every time a journalist comes into the pit you try and give them the best photo possible. They best photo is when you pick up all the paper on the floor and throw it in the air. With all the colorful jackets and paper flying it gives a great action shot. The other shots are the “screaming shot” where you give the the photographer an animated scream to look like you are a crazy trader. What made me think of this were the shots on the web today after the markets great day. They were all from different stories from different people but they all bought pictures from the same photo shoot. Funny thing is the pictures are all from the Merc. Wallstreet is so boring that anytime they need a good photo they head to Chicago and get a picture from the Merc or at the Board of Trade