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Fantasy football has dominated men’s lives every fall for the last decade or so, much to the chagrin of wives and girlfriends everywhere. This sport’s nerd hobby has allowed the average man to become an active part of the football season by letting them pick their own players who they think will perform the best each season and play against other sports nerds to see who knows more about that particular sport itself. Born out of Rotisserie, and then subsequently Fantasy Baseball, Fantasy Football is now one of the most popular Fantasy sports, much like the real sport of football. Below is a basic guide for what you need know to play Fantasy Football this season and then every season until you die…or your significant other cancels the internet.



Research Before the Draft. The better research you do, the better chance you will have at getting a team together which will really perform throughout the season. Watch ESPN, read football blogs, try to narrow down who will have a breakout season this year. Of course, you can never predict who will be injured.


Have a Draft Party. One of the main times everyone in your league can get together, talk shit, and get drunk is during the league draft. This will be set for whatever time the commissioner of your league wants, so you should plan a party and try to glean knowledge off other people in the league. Oh yeah, and also have fun.


Running backs, a great QB, and a couple receivers are key. These players are the ones you want to get above every other player first, because a good arsenal of these guys will allow you to have a consistent stream of points every week. However, don’t be afraid to get the best kicker or defense as a mid-range draft pick, as they can consistently deliver points.


Watch the Waiver Wire Regularly. Some people can have a mediocre team and play the waiver wire, which is the place where undrafted players wait for you to pick them up. This is important to research on a regular basis so you know who may be playing in place of an injured player on a random week, or who you should pick up if one of your players in injured.