Remember when you were a teenager and fantasized about ripping a badass supercar down some desolate road?

The thought might still cross your mind from time to time, though you may daydream more about an escape to some island paradise like Ibiza. And yet, after spending a few days behind the wheel of the new McLaren 720S, we’re even more convinced that there’s something very therapeutic about putting pedal to metal and riding the wind.

Powered by a 700-plus horsepower twin-turbo V8, the McLaren 720S is everything you could want in a low-slung, heart-pounding supercar, just far more tamable than you ever imagined.

Then again, that’s been McLaren’s game plan since the British brand set out to recraft the company’s racing heritage into a line of drool-worthy competitors to pair up against more established brands like Ferrari and Lamborghini.

Goal achieved. The McLaren 720S completely redefines the idea of what a supercar can be, injecting mind-blowing performance capabilities into a vehicle that’s comfortable enough to drive every day.

McLaren credits a slew of high-tech features including an advanced chassis software system developed from mathematical research initiated by McLaren at the University of Cambridge.

The system features algorithms to assess inputs from crucial vehicle parameters, with data from 12 additional sensors—including one accelerometer at each corner of the vehicle to measure wheel acceleration and two pressure sensors per damper—analyzed and reacted to in two milliseconds.

With a top speed of 212 mph, the growling McLaren can do far more than cruise around town, and yet it’s well suited to that task. It even has a drive mode called “comfort,” which significantly tames the supercar’s wild side.

The 720S, which starts a bit under $285,000, is also surprisingly spacious inside for a race-inspired two-seater. Oh, and that deeply sculpted body all technology and power is wrapped in sort of speaks for itself.

With all that said, a few of you who are sitting there thinking, “I’d still much rather cash out on that dream escape, off the east coast of Spain.”

Then, there are others, like us, who’ve already started envisioning a few days on that Ibiza trip, wheeling a 720S down some of the country’s breathtaking roads, hearing those dual exhaust pipes echoing through the mountains.

No matter what you’re thinking, we’re pretty sure the video below will leave you itching for a test drive…