I now realize why I read more blogs than I used to. I get home today and read the news about the markets and I can’t do anything but laugh. Last year when the markets started off so poorly every article said things like “First week of markets usually determine the course of the year” and “Looks to be a tough year” . Now we have had a great start, and if applied to the articles from last year would seem to point to a good market year. But nooooooo. Here is the first headline on Yahoo news. ‘January Effect’ May Be Hard to Keep Up.” It just shows how negative the media loves to be. They merely write articles to be the contrarion but unfortunately they usually oppose their own articles. If you want my opinion, I think there should be a breather soon but I do believe it is going to be a good year for the markets and the economy as well. On a week by week basis it’s anyone’s guess but for the year all systems go.