If you want to wear denim, then you need a men’s guide to denim so you know what you should and should not wear. Denim can be a great look on any guy. But wear it wrong, and you’ll be sending all your potential dates running for the hills.


Get tailored. Don’t try to wear a denim jacket that doesn’t fit you. The cut needs to conform to your body type. This means, you will likely need to have the jacket tailored, or you’ll have to search long and hard for the perfect fit.


Go dark. Sure, some guys can pull off the whole 80’s whitewashed look, but those guys are mostly celebrities. Avoid an overly faded look and opt for dark denim. This will help you look cool and confident no matter what denim pieces you have on.


Mix and match. Don’t try to wear the same color denim together. If you’re wearing a lighter denim jacket, for example, choose a darker shade for your jeans. Layering up with the same color and type of denim will leave you looking washed up.


Add light colors. When wearing denim, it can be a good idea to add splashes of color to your wardrobe. A red plaid shirt or a plain white t-shirt can be just the things you need to bring your denim look together. Try to avoid overly dark colors with your denim. It can make you look unapproachable.


Pair with chino pants. If you want to pull off a denim shirt, try wearing it with a pair of chino pants, rather than a pair of jeans. A denim jacket can work with your jeans, but a denim shirt is much harder to pull off. Play it safe and bust out the chinos!