Maybe we should be looking to the Monopoly guy as a model for our financial wisdom, rather than Scrooge McDuck as we’ve previously thought.

On second thought, you should never trust anyone who gets their investment knowledge from "The Park Avenue Press". Clearly that publication is written by a bunch of hacks.

To be fair, the concept of this cartoon had a lot of promise. The Monopoly man could have tried to mortgage his property but refused to pass GO for legal reasons. The Monopoly man can easily afford to buy ‘Wall Street’ because no one wants anything to do with that dump these days. He ‘flips over his own gameboard’ by committing suicide, etc. etc. But they ended it with a couple of fecal matter jokes. Seriously? Maybe the recession is affecting writers too?

After watching this, I hate that Monopoly guy more than ever. Clearly he was heavily into subprime.