So get this: Athletic gear powerhouse Under Armour now makes chinos.

Hang on, hang on, hang on.

Before you rush to judge, know this: They’re actually awesome.

First of all, they feel amazing. (We sampled a pair.) They’re tight and stretchy. They move with you and all that. Even the damn pockets feel nice. And the legs are tapered, so they hug your calves. In a good way.

Second of all, they look sharp. Because they fit you so well. So you can wear them places. Work. Bars. Pool halls (as Detroit Pistons star Brandon Jennings demonstrates below). They’re also available in flashier colors like electric blue and maroon, in addition to tried-and-true khaki.

Our only gripe? The small Under Armour logo under one of the pockets. Call us old-fashioned, but we don’t believe in logos on chinos.

But that’s a rather minor complaint. Overall, we love them. They might be the most comfortable pants we’ve ever worn. OK, we’ll stop talking about chinos now. $80,