On one hand, you can buy your own private island for less than the cost of a new Lexus. On the other hand, that island will exist on the other side of your 20-inch LCD screen. In Burlingame, Calif. the most expensive virtual island (and item) was recently purchased by a 27-year old named David Storey. It’s a virtual island used to explore and hunt in the online MMORPG, Entropia.

Going by the handle “Deathifier,” Storey runs the online preserve which he named Amethera Treasure Island. It is a rare game preserve in which players of Entropia pay a tax in order to hunt on. And, that tax brings Storey more than $100,000 annually.

From Forbes:

“I thought it would be cool to own an island, and I knew I could run it and be able to pay for my play” says Storey, who has picked up skills he never imagined learning in a game. “Entropia continually evolves, so you have to constantly be watching for new developments. It’s sort of like real life.”

This is becoming increasingly popular in today’s economy. The smaller-scale example you’re likely familiar with is Farmville. Players start and maintain their own farms and then have the option to use real money to buy virtual property (like a cow or a tractor) to use in the game. World of Warcraft gold has been for sale for years. Break Media, in fact, recently launched their own social game of this type.

You can check out the world below, or sign up for a trial of Entropia and explore it yourself.