We would never wish an injury on any athlete, but sometimes they happen in sports. And sometimes, they’re really freakin’ nasty. Here are 10 such instances. In beautiful GIF form. If these things make you queasy, turn back now!

1. Tim Hudson
The Braves pitcher suffered a broken ankle in the bottom of the 8th in a game against the Mets. If only he’d come out in the 7th. Or not covered first base.

2. Paulo Diogo
Diogo lost the top of his finger after assisting on a goal. He climbed a fence in celebration and when he jumped down, his wedding ring stayed on the fence… along with the top of his finger. No word yet on whether Mrs. Diogo believes that lost ring story.

3. Paul George
In a United States National Team scrimmage, George broke his leg while attempting to block a James Harden layup. This injury sparked a question of how far the bottom of the basket should be from the baseline of the court. The answer? Farther than that.

4. Willis McGahee
In the 2002 National Championship game, McGahee suffered one of the most gruesome knee injuries we have seen. Luckily, McGahee was able to recover and have a solid NFL career. Also, Miami went on to win that championship game so we guess the day wasn’t completely terrible for Willis.

5. Jessica Dubé
The Canadian Dubé was accidentally slashed across the face by her partner during their paired figures skating routine. We’re pretty sure this was the inspiration for Blades of Glory.

6. Anderson Silva
Silva broke his leg on an attempted kick on opponent Chris Weidman. Just horrific. But give Silva credit: He made a full recovery and eventually returned to the Octagon.

7. Chris Malarchuk
While playing for the Buffalo Sabres, Malarchuk got slashed on the neck by another player’s skate and suffered injuries to his jugular vein and his carotid artery. We’re gonna refrain from making a joke on this one.

8. Joe Theismann
Theismann suffered a brutal broken leg injury that ended his career. Lawrence Taylor, a Hall of Famer and one of the best defensive players of all time, was the man responsible for the tackle. So at least it wasn’t some no-name who did it.

9. Shaun Livingston
Livingston broke his leg going up for a layup on a fast break. This injury greatly derailed his promising young career, but at least he’ll be playing in his third straight Finals next year. Thanks, Kevin Durant.

10. Kevin Ware
How could we go with anyone else? Ware, during his sophomore year at Louisville, endured the most gruesome and heart-wrenching injury we have ever seen. No amount of prostitutes on his recruiting visit is worth a fracture this nasty.