On a recent Friday morning, a driver in a gorgeous black convertible ’66 Ford Mustang picked me up outside my apartment. The sun shined down on us and we turned heads as we cruised up 8th Avenue from 15th Street to the Made Man HQ in midtown.

That alone would have been a cool enough commute, but things really got interesting when we pulled up outside the office… to find a horde of paparazzi clamoring to ask questions “Where are you and Clooney hanging out later?” and snap pictures. Passersby took notice and wondered: “Is that guy famous?” One woman even asked for a photo with me.


What was all the fuss about? As I later learned, the whole scenario was a promotion for Dos Equis “Most Interesting Summer” Contest. Now through August 31st, fans 21 and older can visit DosEquis.com/Summer and Dos Equis on Instagram, where they’ll find legendary challenges they can tackle all summer long. (The first week’s challenge? Get from Point A to Point B in an interesting way, natch.)

Fans can check off the feats and capture proof of their completion using hashtag #StayThirsty for a chance to win nearly 1,000 prizes, including three monthly grand prize trips to Mexico where they’ll explore the Yucatan. In addition to nine grand prize trips to Mexico, 80 winners per week will be rewarded one of three adventure-fueled prizes, including a waterproof camera case, hiking day-packs or a soft-top surfboard.


This week’s challenge is to “discover a food found nowhere else in the world, perhaps one unique to your hometown, and share it.” There are also biweekly and monthly challenges. So why not check out DosEquis.com/Summer and give it a go? Perhaps you’ll win a prize… or even end up actually famous.