Don’t be ludicrous. These ties are not for business meetings with anybody over 35, they’re not for weddings (or are they?), and they certainly won’t impress your girlfriends dad. But if you’re working in a hip young office, or you’re going to a venue where you have to look sharp but don’t want to come off as either fuddy or duddy, Toybreaker has a tie for you.

Any cravatier will tell you, with accessories like this, it’s important to downplay just about every other aspect of your wardrobe. You’d never wear a tie like this with any flavor of double breasted suit. They’re better with a casual, simple, un-stunning blazer and slacks – they’ve got a lot of panache and you don’t want to over do it.

Head to the store and check out hundreds of options (including kids’ scarves, wedding scarves, narrow, skinny, microfiber, and more), or check out a few of our favorites below. Most of the ties run around $30.

Skull & Bones Screenprint

Escape Artist

Ceci n’est pas une cravate

Bombs Away