We are definitely overdue for a list of our hottest women, so please take a moment to turn up the AC in your office/apartment/mom’s basement to full blast before you get heat stroke. Here’s a spicy selection of the most searched for, sexiest women on Chickipedia for the month of July.

Diora Baird

If you’ve never seen or heard about Diora Baird before, use a good measure of caution before you click on her profile or pictures. You may feel dizzy, a sudden shortness of breath, and a swift or severe rush of blood from your head to other extremities that can cause fainting. If you’ve seen the latest Star Trek, you might already been as green with envy over that lead pretty boy because he almost got to shack up with a very green Diora in her delicates. Now you know her, and it’s almost impossible that you’ll forget her name.

Lady GaGa

Her music’s appeal (or lack thereof) to the average male Chicki reader notwithstanding, it’s almost impossible to deny the fact that Ms. GaGa makes many men go…well, googly-eyed if nothing else. She’s also somewhat of a musical prodigy, who taught herself to play the piano by ear around the age of 4. Remember that next time your girlfriend wants to blast "Just Dance" on the radio again and it might soothe you; remember the picture of her above to intensify the effect.

Kristen Stewart

Ms. Stewart is one of the two ingenues we have on this list that are young, yes, but are also immensely alluring and destined for great things. Stewart was born in raised in the glitz and glam of Hollywood to successful producers/writer parents. She’s been featured in films like Zathura and she truly wants to move on into the upper echelons of film stardom. She had an excellent turn as the cool chick who works (for whatever reason) at a theme park in Adventureland, and her relationship with Jesse Eisenberg gave hope to awkward Chicki editors…I mean, awkward teens everywhere.

Emma Watson

After almost a decade of starring as Hermione Granger in the films based on that children’s book series (can’t remember the name right now, something Trotter?), Watson is an internationally renowned movie veteran. She may only be 19, but she’s already starred in more movies with magical subtitles than any other young actress. Emma would also fit perfectly on a list of brainy babes as well, since her immaculate grades and test scores have earned her a trip to study at Cambridge University for English Literature. A pretty girl with that kind of intelligence can cast a spell of love on any man…and, yes, that may be the lamest pun found in any article about young Ms. Watson.

Leighton Meester

Ms. Meester jumped several spots in this month’s Most Wanted list, and our top Chick Researchers posit that this increase in relevance and search volume must’ve been the result of one of the following catalysts: a) the incendiary, tear-jerking finale of Gossip Girl or b) the rumors revolving around some illicit pictures of Leighton allegedly taken from a sex tape. The jury is still out on which one provided the biggest push for…oh wait, the jury finished deliberating. It was the sex tape. Whatever the reason, Leighton is a gorgeous woman and accomplished actress that will almost certainly experience a meteoric, and much-deserved, boost to her career. Watch for her in Date Night (featuring Tina Fey) and The Roommate next year.

Jessica Alba

Alba-mania (oft confused with the country of Albania, for some strange reason) is a social anxiety condition that causes men aged between 15-30 to agree that Jessica Alba is super, super hot no matter what movie or TV show she appears in. She will always finish at the top of the hottest ladies lists, evidenced further by her reigning spot somewhere in the top three Most Wanted’s of every month since time immemorial. The strangest quirk of this social, internet search affliction? She never takes the top spot, a phenomenon that seems to be driven by the virulent outbreak of full-blown Megan Fox-citis that has swept the globe.

Vida Guerra

Though some of the internet trolls might disagree, life is beautiful. "Vida" happens to be the Spanish word for life. By the transitive property…well, you probably know where this is going. Ever since a few jaw-dropping nude photos found their way from the safe, yet very permeable confines of a cell phone onto the inernet, Vida Guerra has always had some sway on the hottest of the hot lists. She’s staying strong near the top third of this month’s list, but we mainly wanted to feature her to remind you of what was already said: as long as we have ladies as hot as her in the world, life will always be beautiful.

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