Remember that Jerry Seinfeld/Bill Gates/Microsoft partnership we announced last month? Well it’s finally here after making its debut during the first regular season NFL game last night.

First impressions? Kind of dull and lame in a ‘wow this is strange…’-type of way. Maybe a couple of smirks while you’re watching, but nothing that would really blow you away. But did it get the job done? Watch the video and further examination after the jump.

Gates Seinfeld Microsoft Ad – Watch more free videos

When we first talked about this ad, we said it needed to get a few jabs in to combat the uber-popular Mac vs. PC ads.

But they didn’t really talk about computers at all, except to say that one day they will be soft, moist, and delicious like cakes. Which will be a good day of course but still, what gives?

Secondly, the big flaw we saw with enlisting Seinfeld was his appeal to the demographic. Sure, plenty of young kids love watching Seinfeld reruns and Bee Movie, but he’s not really going to get a new generation scrambling for Windows Vista, is he? Buying discount shoes at the mall and palling around with Bill Gates screams very middle-aged to us. But maybe that was that point, is Microsoft just trying to solidify their base?

When you watch these ads, the figures are instantly recognizable, so that makes you stop and watch. During the churros-shoe-circus-conquistador banter, there may have been some smiling and maybe a smirk followed by a slight ‘heh’. But other than that, no real laughs, which is what a lot of people were hoping for with Seinfeld.

Then again, this is only round 1. Stay tuned for what hopefully will be a more exciting and descriptive round 2.

Thoughts? Criticisms? Love sonnets? Did the ad work? Let us know.

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