By Matt Freund
Staff Writer

At Apple’s event today, there were several new projects unveiled to much ado. There was the first look at the new OS, Lion, new facetime, new functionalities for iLife, and new multitouch functions, but the most important of them is the new and improved Macbook Air. 

The closes that Apple will likely get to an ultraportable, the Macbook Air was originally designed for the crowd that would kill for an Apple netbook, but without abandoning the stark design sensibilities that have (to some’s chagrin) gotten Apple this far. It forgoes an optical drive and trims down the hardware in a few other versions to give users the lightest possible laptop. And the new Air does all that, and does it better. 

The optical drive I still absent (one wishes they could figure out an elegant way to add one as in the Panasonic Toughbooks), but the internal memory has been dramatically changed. It’s got an SSD card that is build like Ram which means basically zero boot time and much longer batter life. For the larger screen, that means 5 hours and the smaller gets 7 hours of use. However, more impressively, they both have a full 30 days of hibernation time. 

Check out the stats below, and see more at Apple