McClaren, Buggati and a number of other hyper-exotic automakers are known even in non-gearhead circles as making the ultra high-end luxury cars that are fun to look at in the same was as looking at the stars is fun. You don’t have the training or money to get there, if you did you’d probably die, but damned, if they aren’t pretty.

Now, there’s new eye candy on the block. The Dutch company Spyker (what a bitchin-cool name) has a new super car for the shieks and speed freaks out there: the C8 SWB Spyder.

Wired’s Jim Merithew took some pics of the New Kid in Monterery at the Sports and Classics car auction, and they are quite (wait for it) stryking.

As the pictures suggest, the design of the Spyder is heavily inspired by Spyker’s history in aviation (they built 100 WWI fighters and 200 engines). The propeller hood ornament, the diamond-plate dash, and heavily-scooped body styling all visually suggest a vehicle that could float off the road and toward the horizon at a moment’s notice.

Don’t worry. That’s unlikely. The SWB in the long version of this car’s title stands for short wheel base which, when mated to its mid-mounted, 400 horsepower, 4.2-liter V8, should keep it pretty squarely on the pavement.