I am terrible at a lot of things. I am terrible with directions. I get lost getting the mail at the end of the drive. One thing I seem to have a good eye for is talent. I can usually tell if something will succeed at first glance. A few minutes with something and I can tell you whether the 18-34 crowd will make that person or thing successful. One audition with Kellie Pickler and I knew she was going to be rich. I am not saying she is setting the world on fire or that I even liked her but she has a recording contract, new boobs, and makes a few million a year. Not too shabby. The second pick was Paramore. My daughter was playing Sims 2 upstairs and I hear this great song playing in the background. It is not even in English. It was sung in “Simmerish” but the voice was still great and the sound was like a cross between The Sundays and Fall Out Boy. It took some research to find out who it was and it turned out to be a new band called Paramore. Those are the times I wish I could have invested in the group. Now they are up for a Grammy for best new artist and have a string of songs on MTV and have a great future. This leads me to my newest pick, Kina Grannis.

The first time I saw Kina was when she went to the top of digg with the song, “Gotta Digg” . After going to her You Tube channel I instantly know she was going to be a hit. She has two things going for her. She is unbelievably cute and she has a cute voice to go with it. She reminds me of Lisa Loeb minus the career stifling eyeglasses. Same talent but better visuals. The purpose of the digg song was to get people to vote for her in the “Crash the Superbowl” contest that asked voters to chose a person to sing in a commercial during the Superbowl. The winner also got a deal with interscope records. Of course I’m drunk watching my money go down the drain and low and behold there’s Kina, singing during the Superbowl. Now she has the record deal and should have a great career ahead of her. I need to make a few million dollars so I can get a record label together so I can start signing some of this talent I keep running across. Here was the video of Kina that showed me her personality and talent