Hey, what’s going on, people!

’Tis the season to be jolly, so let’s serve up some football with a side of my favorite entertainment of 2011.

This year has been a new learning experience for me. I’ve been available in the passing game a lot more and that’s been encouraging. I’ve always known that I have the ability to catch and run, so being part of these new passing schemes has been exciting. As I’ve said before, as a running back, you just want to get the ball in your hands, whatever way. But it’s different than following blockers into the line. You develop an awareness of where defenders are before the ball is thrown, and that way you can catch and turn upfield and do something.

Speaking of passing, since training camp, our rookie QB Cam Newton has naturally taken to the role of NFL quarterback, which is about being a leader. He wants to win big time and he’s learning the ins and outs, the ups and downs of being an NFL regular. They say there’s a rookie wall that you hit, but I haven’t seen him hit it. And he’s set quite a few rookie records in the process. When you have a player of his stature, a Heisman winner, you just want him to come in and play to the best of that obvious ability. He’s done that, and we absolutely have faith in him to lead the way forward.

We’re playing our last home game on Christmas Eve against Tampa, and although the goal is to win every game, we’d like nothing better than to win that game for the fans as a big Christmas present. They’ve always being encouraging, especially on my Twitter page, and also on the Panthers’ Facebook and Twitter pages. They’re expecting big things in the future. People always remember how you finish because they say you’re only as good as your last game. So we got to finish on an up beat!

Having clinched the Pac-12 Championship and earned a Rose Bowl berth, the Oregon Ducks players are finishing up their fall term and just kind of enjoying the break, even though they’re still practicing. But once Bowl Week comes, they gear it up again full throttle. And then they’re going to beat the Wisconsin Badgers, although those real badgers are something fierce out in the wild. But my Ducks will win, of course! Go Ducks!

Looking back, my three fave TV shows that I watched in 2011 were 24, Sons of Anarchy and Prison Break. (What can I say, I’m catching up!) If I have a son, I’m going to name him Jack after 24’s Jack Bauer. I really admire the character—he’s a modern day Texas Ranger, and my mom loves Texas Rangers! As for SOA, Clay isn’t dead—even though he killed Jax’s old man, shot his best friend’s father, killed his best friend’s wife and tried to kill his woman—and all he really got was a demotion at the SOA table. Even though Jax made a promise to get out of Charming, that’s no longer the plan, as he’s now head of the club and his old lady stood by his side. I think the truth of Clay’s actions will come out and something worse is going to happen to him.

My three fave movies were Transformers: Dark of the Moon (just a great action movie), that heartfelt movie Courageous about fathers and sons, and The Mechanic. I’m a big fan of Englishman Jason Statham, and I really love his movies, his style, his humor and his action moves! I’m looking forward to Expendables 2 in 2012.

My three fave videogames were Call of Duty, Call of Duty, Call of Duty! Why? Because I’m good at it, ha ha, and I dominate everyone I play. The gameplay is real easy to adapt to and the graphics are the best.

In other news, there was some early Christmas cheer for 10 members of the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Charlotte. I invited these academic achievers (“Stewart’s Students”) to be special guests at our recent game against the Falcons. They got a cool private VIP tour of Bank of America Stadium, and then we got to hang out a bit before the game. They were pretty excited, and they posted a sweet “Thanks, Mr. Stewart!” online.

As this is my last blog before Christmas, I want to thank Made Man, the Panthers’ Facebook and Twitter peeps, and my fans. (Keep checking in with me on Twitter and on my Facebook page, which we’re going to make more user friendly and loaded with cool content.) Enjoy the holidays, but also remember it’s about being thankful for what we have. I’m getting together with my family in Charlotte, as they’re coming up to see the Christmas Eve game. Then I’m looking forward to their special mac and cheese and caramelized yams. As long as I get that, I’m good to go.

“Measure your self up to your self! Every day be a better you, spiritually mentally and physically!” — JStew out!

As told to Ashley Jude Collie