Hey guys, I’ve got a lot to talk about this week, including my fellow running backs, Battlefield 3, a big shoutout to our American troops including my brother Cory Faison, condolences to Indy Car driver Dan Wheldon’s family, and my musical set-up at home.

The Panthers have two games left heading into our bye week. And while Hall of Fame legend Terry Bradshaw says, “Carolina is for real, they’re competitive in every game,” we’ve just got to find a way to execute when it counts and make that extra effort to become a winning team.

My career goal is to be one of the greatest running backs in the NFL. You definitely have to be versatile today—run, block and catch. I have respect for all my fellow running backs throughout the league. I look at their game to see if I can learn from them. I respect Minnesota’s Adrian Peterson just because he’s a beast.  In the off-season, I met St. Louis’ Steven Jackson at the Nike Sports Complex. Given his experience and knowledge, it was great just being able to work out with him, talking and hanging out. He’s now one of the many players I keep up with.

In other news, Battlefield 3 is out next week. They’ve spent a couple of years working on this, I’ve played the demo version, and I’ll be at Wal-Mart to get my copy! But I don’t play the campaign modes; I’m more into playing online against other people. So bring it on!

The game focuses on fictional U.S. Marines fighting the enemy, and I want to talk about our real Armed Forces. My older brother Cory (left of my mom in the pic below, on the day I was drafted by Carolina) is a U.S. Army Captain and has been in Afghanistan and Iraq. He’s done two tours. Society focuses on celebrities or pro athletes as people to look up to. But I look at my brother and other soldiers who go overseas and they’re actually doing something that is heroic—dodging bullets, living in those dangerous environments, and sacrificing their comfort levels and even their lives to ensure our freedom over here in the States. I don’t think there can ever be enough recognition, giving them the credit that’s due.

jonathan stewart family and friends celebrate on draft day

There are times when I might be beat up and hurting or whatever, but I immediately think about my brother and the situations that he’s been in, and it gives me a big reality check that none of us have it that bad. You can do that with a lot of situations where people are struggling/hurting way more than we are throughout the world. Those men and women in the military are definitely laying their lives down for us, every day, not knowing when it may end. So a big shoutout to our military!

When I went to the NASCAR Sprint Cup All-Star race last year in Charlotte, and went into the pit with driver David Ragan, it opened my eyes to the racing world, including IndyCar. Now I’ve watched a few races on TV, and understand it a little bit more. But when I saw that tragedy that took place in Vegas, it shook me. Dan Wheldon was a winner with a young family, and apparently a cool guy, and you certainly don’t want to see that happen to anyone. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. Nice comments by Steve Mazzucchi on Made Man about Wheldon and “making the most of every day”— exactly my thoughts.

One way I do that, as I’ve mentioned, is with music. I live close to our stadium, and I have a Steinway grand piano at home that I like to play during my pre-game routine, to take my mind to another place for a while. I’m proud of it and all my music gear in my studio area…

jonathan stewart's pian and keyboard in his music studio

Finally, I want to give a shoutout to City Chevrolet in Charlotte for helping me out last week when a chip in my Hummer H2 failed and I got stuck!

Now I’ve got an original JStew quote to drop on you: “People seem to always wish, dream or want things to happen. The problem with that is that it takes more than a desire or good intentions. It takes determination. Don’t wait, take matters into your hands, and make it happen.”

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JStew out and have fun and be safe on Halloween, people!


As told to Ashley Jude Collie