Hey, what’s up people?

Hope you all had a safe Thanksgiving. I had dinner over at my teammate Jon Beason’s house, and I give thanks for friends like that whom I can call family. Also, I give thanks for the ongoing opportunity to play the game I love and make a good living doing it. Most importantly, I’m just thankful to be alive. Whether you’re winning or losing, up or down, there are a lot of things you can be thankful for.

This week, let’s talk about the Panthers finishing strong, the Oregon Ducks in the Pac-12 Title game, and a two great TV shows.

In our win over the Colts on Sunday, it felt good to play the way we did and get some momentum. Here’s a big shoutout to our defense, which helped close the game out with a key interception by Sherrod Martin when the Colts were on a scoring drive. I’m also proud of our special teams and offense for executing in all phases to get that win. Coach Ron Rivera said this was a “springboard” to finishing the season strong.

We also put up some good rushing stats as a team with over 200 yards—DeAngelo Williams (69 yards), Cam Newton (53) and me (70). Our offensive line did a real good job giving us seams to run through, and that gave us an opportunity to make things happen. When you get the ball on a consistent basis, especially when you’re getting yards and seeing things opening up, you get into a rhythm and flow. People have asked if “Double Trouble” is back, but truth is we’re there every week, trying to do what we can on offense. We haven’t gone anywhere.

carolina panthers running back jonathan stewart races past a colts defender

As for that TD celebration that DeAngelo and I did twice—see photo at the top of this page—we call it The Matrix. We slow it down like a replay or like in the movie where you see Neo’s moves in slow motion, like dodging some bullets. (We’d love to do more of them, of course!)

That all went down just a day after my Ducks won the Civil War game with Oregon State. We dominated the Beavers 49-21 and have bragging rights in Oregon. We’re now playing at home against UCLA on Friday in the first Pac-12 Title game. I’m pretty sure that Oregon is going to dominate this game, too. Who should TV viewers look out for? Just watch the team overall and the way they approach the game. You never know who’s going to step up. Whether it’s running backs LaMichael James, Kenjon Barner and De’Anthony Thomas or QB Darron Thomas, every game they make big plays, so just watch for the whole team romp toward the Rose Bowl!

Now to some more TV entertainment. One show I just got into is Modern Family with the former Al Bundy (Ed O’Neill) starring. I re-tweeted a great line that Ed’s new character Jay says, “Ninety percent of being a dad is just showing up.” So true. Growing up, I loved Al in Married with Children. It’s funny—Katey Sagal, who played his wife Peg, is in Sons of Anarchy, so Peg and Al are still going strong but in different shows. By the way, Jay’s wife Gloria, played by Sofía Vergara, is very pretty and funny too.

And, as for SOA, what do you think? I figured Clay was a dead man walking for all he’s done, and he seemed to get what he deserved last week. Then again, people wonder if the show’s creators will actually get rid of a major character like him. What’s going to happen in the two-part season finale? I think everything is going to come out about Jax’s dad, about Clay killing him and all that. Jax is going to find out the truth soon enough. What do you think is going to happen?

We’re heading to Tampa this weekend, and hopefully we can keep the wins coming. Thanks again to the Panthers for supporting this blog on Twitter and Facebook. Follow me on Twitter @Jonathanstewar1 and check out my music at my website, jstew28.com.

“With obstacles you learn to fight and persevere! When you persevere your character grows. When that happens there’s hope!”—JStew out!

As told to Ashley Jude Collie