The New York Jets shocked the football world by advancing to the AFC title game in Indianapolis. A lot of people – football types, mostly – are quick to point out that the Jets are this season’s Cinderella story because of good fortune, a great running game and solid defense. This is all true, but the experts overlook one important fact. The Jets have one of the sexiest cheerleading squads in the NFL. It is impossible to measure the impact the Flight Crew, as it is officially known, has had on the Jets’ season. Did one of these ladies help rookie Mark Sanchez mature, so to speak, as a quarterback? Does running back Thomas Jones imagine himself bursting through the offensive line towards The Flight Crew? Was Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis inspired to shut down the opposing team’s passing game thanks to chants of “De-fense!” from the ladies on the sidelines? We may never know. Let us pay tribute to these unsung heroes of the gridiron with a gallery of the New York Jets Flight Crew, accompanied by a position-by-position evaluation of the plucky New York Jets.


You have to have a good arm to play quarterback in the NFL. A good arm and poise, like the ladies of the Flight Crew. Mark Sanchez has both.

Running back

A good running back can shake off defenders with a twist of the hips. Thomas Jones and Shonn Green are both having strong seasons. Success on the field – it’s all in the hips.


Good receivers get behind the coverage and go up and over defenders to get the ball. They’re also not afraid to let the quarterback know they’re open. The Jets have decent receivers. Thankfully Braylon Edwards is not a cheerleader, or he would have dropped blondie here.

Offensive line

Offensive lines work together in concert, and the Jets have one of the best offensive lines in the game. Nick Mangold, Alan Faneca and D’Brickashaw Ferguson put their boots on every week and show up to work.

Defensive line

A good defensive lineman can shake free and get to the quarterback. Defensive end Shaun Ellis shook off opposing linemen, like so much blonde hair, for 6.5 sacks this season.


A good linebacker holds his ground in the face of swarming lineman and fullbacks. That takes legs. Long, tall, sexy legs that don’t quit. Kind of like linebacker David Harris has.

Defensive back

Defensive backs have to cover the opposition as tightly as white ruffled undies. Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis is as talented as this bootie is perfect.


Only the kicker can get away with having very little padding, wearing weird gloves, exposing his face to the field and sporting side camel toe. Jay Feely does all of those things and he does them well.


Is anyone even reading at this point?


It takes a lot of patience to lead a group of high-paid, oversexed prima donnas, but “Sexy” Rexy Ryan has done just that in the media fishbowl that is the Big Apple.