Did you know that, on average, an NFL cheerleader makes about $13,000 per season?  That’s not a lot of money by any standards.  As a result of the financial strain that cheerleader can bring with it, many of the NFL’s mega-babes have chosen to seek out alternative modes of income (and noteriety) before, during, and after their stints as sideline eye-candy.  Here are some of the Hottest Cheerleaders in the NFL and the things they’ve done off the field:


Arizona Cardinals

Danielle was crowned Miss Teen USA in 1999 and Miss Arizona in 2004.  She was the third runner up in the Miss USA pageant that same year.  She was a cheerleader for the Cardinals while studying Journalism at Arizona State University.  Now you can see her covering the Wolrd Series of Poker, so you’ll have one reason to actually watch that on television.


Baltimore Ravens

You probably recognize Stacy from her wrestling career more than the fame and noteriety that comes from NFL Cheerleading.  She titilated the sidelines for the Baltimore Ravens while attending Towson University on scholarship.  Later, though, she got hired by the WCW (World Championship Wrestling) as one of the Nitro Girls dance group.  From there, she worked her way into the program and established a career.  She’s also been featured on Dancing With the Stars, and is known for her 42" long legs, which she could easily kill you with.


Dallas Cowboys

Everybody knows that Texas has the hottest babes in the Union.  That’s just common knowledge.  Sarah is pretty much the hottest of those hottest babes.  She’s of Iranian and Spanish decent, and began running the beauty pageant circuit in Texas as a teenager.  When she graduated high school, she joined the Cowboys cheerleading squad, and was so hot that she was the cover model for their 2000 calendar.  She’s also got a brown belt in karate, which means that she can kill you (disclaimer: in case you haven’t noticed already, most of the women on this list can kill you.)


Dallas Cowboys

Kristin is pretty much the definition of  the word "phenomenal".  While attending college at Texas Christian University, she decided to try out for the Cowboys cheerleading squad, despite having absolutely no cheer or dance experience.  Luckily she had loads of charisma and was super-duper hot, and not only did she make the squad, but she was placed on the elite travel squad.  I have no idea what that means either, but I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the fact that she’s phenomenal.  Holt left the squad the following season and decided to get involved in the beauty pageant circuit, despite having no experience doing pageants.  As any phenomenal person would, Kristin won every category in her first pageant competition.  Then she decided to audition for American Idol, was accepted, flew to Los Angeles, and made it into the top 30 during the show’s first season.  Her appearances on American Idol caught the eye of the G4 Network, who hired her to host their video game cheat and strategy show, Cheat!.  She’s currently getting some minor roles in movies and television shows, but she’ll undoubtedly become a mega-star in the next few years, because she’s phenomenal.


New England Patriots

When you see pictures of Alysha, you think to yourself "No. Nope. Uh-uh. This girl isn’t real. Nobody could ever be that ridiculously hot. She’s a fantasy. She’s nothing more than a figment of my imagination. I’m hallucinating, because women aren’t capable of being this hot."  Then you think about it for a few minutes (while drueling) and realize that, if Alysha was nothing more than a wonderful hallucination, your brain would’ve given her a last name that’s much easier to spell.  That’s how you’ll know that she’s really real.  Alysha was a Patriots cheerleader from 2006 to 2008, and is currently Miss Rhode Island.  Yeah, that’s right. She’s the hottest chick in Rhode Island.  Can you believe it?!


Oakland Raiders

Danielle got noticed by FHM Magazine when she won their "Hometown Hottie" competition three months in a row.  The noteriety led to the magazine utilizing Danielle’s extreme hotness to sell magazines, which is something they do, and she received some feature photo spreads in the publiciation.  This led to her working with Playboy a handful of times, along with some other print publications.  She became a cheerleader for the Oakland Radiers, but was later dismissed from the squad when they found out about her nude modeling, because cheerleaders are not supposed to be seen as sex objects(?).  Since then, Danielle has been in dozens of magazine spreads and music videos, and will be making her film debut next year in the movie City of Shoulders and Noses.  In the meantime, you can find tons of photos of her online, and they’re well worth it.


Oakland Raiders

Y’know how, whenever you see a super-hot cheerleader, you can’t help thinking to yourself "Gee, I sure wish she could tell hilarious jokes"?  And y’know how, whenever you see a stand-up comedian, you think to yourself "Gee, I wish that person was a mega-sexy babe, instead of a fat, sweaty, bitter alcoholic who’s angry at everything"?  Meet Anjelah.  She started cheerleading as a kid in Pop-Warner leagues, and after three years in college she decided to move to Los Angeles and follow her dreams.  Like everyone that moves to L.A., Anjelah’s dreams came true pretty quickly, as she was selected to join become a Raiderette.  Not only that, she was voted Rookie of the Year in her first season.  Anjelah started studying stand-up comedy, and in no time at all, she was touring all across North America telling jokes.  Remember how you wished that stand-up comedians could be hot? Well it turns out that everyone in the world wishes that to, and Anjelah makes that dream come true. 


San Diego Chargers

Charisma was a Chargers cheerleader in college. After that, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career and was discovered by a talent agent while waiting tables (yeah, because that actually happens to people all the time).  She had a small role on some unknown show called Baywatch or something like that, and she caught the attention of some guy named Aaron Spelling who got her an audition for some fly-by-night show called Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  She quickly became a fan favorite, because Buffy fans tend to really like outrageously hot chicks (see Sarah Michelle Gellar, Eliza Dushku, and Allison Hannigan).  She appeared in Playboy in 2004, causing fanboys everywhere to suffer a sudden, incredible loss of blood to the brain.  Since then, Charisma has been (and continues to be) featured in a variety of television shows and movies, and she’s not difficult to find online at all.


San Francisco 49ers

Teri studied acting at the American Conservatory Theater.  While attending acting school, she was a cheerleader for the 49ers, and could also be seen in a series of small bit parts on popular television shows of the time, including a recurring role on the best show ever made in history: MacGyver.  Her big break came in 1993, when she was given the titular role in the superman-derived television series Lois & Clark.  Since then, she’s been a Bond Girl (Tomorrow Never Dies), and has seen a resurgence in popularity recently, thanks to her role on Desperate House Wives, which won her a SAG award and Emmy nomination.