It may be fashionable in the two-wheeled community to opt for simplicity of design and function over, say, a working derailleur or a free-spinning hub. For our money, those are conveniences we’re willing to deal with the complication of. Luckily there’s a middle ground for everybody.

Enter the Cannondale OnBike. It takes the attractive parts of a single speed or fixed-gear bike – that being a minimum amount of exposed components to break or malfunction, and puts them in an extremely complicated, hyper-engineered shell that allows you to still pedal up hills with a 6% grade. They also managed to make it look stunningly badass – it looks like an armored Jeep mated with their traditional Scalpel model to make this sleek beast. 

The OnBike works with a fully-enclosed, functioning drive train that is actually part of the frame. It’s got in-built, customized SRAM i-MOTION, 9-speed hub gear, and disc brakes. It comes with Schwalbe Kojak Bad Boy tires, and the HeadShok Solo w/DL50. Get it now for about $6,000.