Just another day at the office — paying some bills, writing a check for “one quadrillion, seventy two trillion, four hundred and eighteen billion, and three million dollars only”, which equals approximately $27 US dollars. You know, the usual slow work day in Zimbabwe.

This check was written at the end of July just before the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe literally cut 10 zeros from the currency value in an effort to cut the country’s 11.2 million % inflation. However, none of this will probably stop the insane hyperinflation that is going on in that country right now.

You can blame it all on Zimbabwe’s power crazy leader, Robert Mugabe. But seriously, why are people still writing .00 for cents and putting “-only” at the end of checks, is that really necessary at this point?

Even though they don’t use pesos, maybe we should add a ‘Miss Zimbabwe’ to our 8 Countries With Weak Pesos But Hot Women list, it could brighten their financial outlook a bit? All potential applicants apply ASAP.

InvestmentPostcards: Spare me a quadrillion, only in a land of zeros, September 3, 2008

via WhatILearnd: September 7, 2008