So word on the street is, bucket hats are back. And not just back, but one of the hot new men’s fashion trends for spring. Now, if you are thinking about dropping some coin on such a head covering, we only have one thing to say.

For the Love of God, DON’T.


You might think you can pull it off, but trust us, you can’t.

You’re going to look like a tool. A rube. A dunce. Or freaking Gilligan.

Who, by the way, is one of only 10 people allowed to wear buckets hat. Really, unless you are one of the following 10 people, do all of us a favor and let this trend die a slow, painful death on the head of Justin Bieber. Those people are the aforementioned Gilligan, a.k.a. Bob Denver, plus:

ll_cool_j_gregg_delman6LL Cool J

hunterHunter S. Thompson—and Johnny Depp playing him

p184b8tno8j71vfve4gjck587A member of Run DMC

bill-murrayRichard Dreyfuss in Jaws and Bill Murray in Caddyshack


That is all. Happy spring!