Oregon-based sustainable tech company Recover launched its newest high-fidelity wireless speaker on Kickstarter today, and it’s right on brand with a minimalist wood finish that marries classic and contemporary.

The portable, wireless device focuses on nothing but acoustics and aesthetics, boasting a premium blend of satin-coated polycarbonate and genuine walnut exterior casing. The geo-cone shape was inspired by classic cone amplification aesthetics but reimagined through the polygonal design that made room for larger and louder interior components. Despite a sound range that spans 50 feet, the Outlier weighs just about two pounds.

Limited to 200 units, the Outlier will ship in November—perfect timing to entertain during the approaching holidays. With this American-made speaker and a few cases of beers you thought were American-made, you’ve got Friendsgiving figured out. Plus, it’s the perfect thing to crank up when your hippie vegan cousin won’t shut up about saving the planet.