Now that you’re old enough to live on your own, you’ve got your own bachelor pad, you can eat whatever you want, and you regularly wow the ladies – you can finally start doing all the things your momma told you not to. Head to Costco, and buy a value pack of candy for dinner, because you’re about to get your idyllic childhood slingshot (best used bouncing on a trampoline, riding a bike without a helmet, or crawling under dinner tables). 

You’re not just having fun, though, this slingshot is actually an environmentally-friendly product.  These weapons of mass mischief are carved from Buckthorn bush.  This hedge plant is rife in suburban Minnesota, but is considered an ecologically dangerous, invasive species.  Do your part by cutting it down!  You can buy it here for $21.  Of course, a Y-shaped branch only takes time to find (depending on your salary, though, that might be significant).  You could probably get enough steel wiring from Home Depot for free, because you’d only need a few inches of it.  Surgical tubing and a piece of scrap leather, too, could be got either for free or for less than $5.