Looking for a new end o’ summer beverage? Start today, because this one takes a bit of prep. It comes to us from renowned Cocktail Chef Matthew Biancaniello, whose fresh, original creations emerge when a hunger for experimentation meets seasonal ingredients and unlikely pairings. His latest gig? Hosting Cocktail Confidential at LA Times The Taste next weekend. It’s one of the country’s premier culinary gatherings and worth checking signing up for if you’ll be in the area.

No matter where you are, though, you can try his latest cocktail, the Rhubarb Julep. This beauty brings together rhubarb, bourbon, chocolate mint leaves, agave syrup and bitters for a sweet, sexy beverage that’s guaranteed to turn heads. And all you need to be the king of your Labor Day cookout is the recipe. Find it (below), start making it (today) and watch the magic unfold (next weekend). Cheers!

2 oz rhubarb infused Elijah Craig 12 year bourbon ( cut up 5 stalks of rhubarb and infuse into one bottle of bourbon for 7-10 days)
4-5 chocolate mint leaves
1/2 oz agave syrup ( 1:1 ratio of agave to water)
3 dashes of Peychaud bitters

Muddle mint, agave and bitters in shaker, then add bourbon with ice and then shake and strain into a Collins glass with ice and add mint and rhubarb as a garnish.

Drink photo courtesy of Bryson Igarta/Melissa’s Produce.