Here is a nice collection of prose or “art” so nicely left by some anonymous poet for the world to share
(Click on photos for larger version)

Finding the person who wrote this one may be tough. Could be one of millions”george w bush lied. brave soldiers died. hey george! where’s the wmd? rumsfeld: psycho warmonger. gw bush is a fraud, murderer, neo-nazi, warcriminal, coward and traitor. cheney: wacko evil war pig

in enron we trust.”

SourceThere is actually a story behind this one. A young lady went through the jar on the
left and found a dollar her late father had left for her in the jar. His final message to her is
If you keep this $ you’ll have $ for a lifetime. — If you spend it you are fucked.


Yup, you just landed a Bruno Perez Original. Worth at least a buck

I think that Star Jones got this dollar first

Perhaps the best “tip” this young lady received all year

I call this one “A Fat Lady with a Coach purse” because
she’s wealthy enough to write her grocery list on a $10 bill
but she eats like a pig. Probably his a nice smile though

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