The Pope definitely rides in style with his latest suped-up whip.

His holiness’ custom-built Mercedes ML 430 cost $511,000, but the Vatican got it on the cheap when it was donated by the maker in 2002.

Although Pope Benedict XVI won’t be cruising at more than 10 mph, this baby can go 0 to 60 in 8 seconds with its 4.3 liter v8 / 272 horsepower engine. It was shipped directly from Rome to Washington D.C. in time for his visit to the White House today.

The Popemobile also comes fully equipped with sinless-white leather seats and stainless steel bars to grip while standing, kind of like the Vatican toilet. The most clutch features in this dangerous world are the double-paned bulletproof power windows.

Newsweek also reported on the inner luxuries of the p-mobile:

There’s a full climate-control system to ensure that the pontiff doesn’t get too hot or cold en route. And if he wants to fill the silence in his private enclosure, the car’s got a full stereo system with a tape deck. (What, no iPod?)

Yeah, Newsweek, no iPod! Everyone knows Benny prefers rocking out to a couple of killer mix tapes he made back in the 80s. And because PB XVI originally hails from Germany, Hassellhoff is definitely on there.

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