I was just feeding my midday hunger by sitting down for a hearty helping of CNBC’s ‘Power Lunch’ program, when I heard the 4 anchors playing a new fun-filled game.

Since today we are on track to break the record for the biggest intra-day Dow rally, Bill Griffeth (second from right) played host to everyone’s new favorite ‘Guess When The Last Record Was Set?’ game.

A tremendous outpouring of guesses ensued right from the start of the round. I believe Dennis Kneale (far left) shouted ‘Right after the Crash of ’87!?’ and was immediately shot down. Sorry, ‘Glasses’, thanks for playing. The correct answer is that the previous rally of 503.45 points in a single day was oddly set recently on September 30th of last month! Just goes to show how tremendously volatile the markets have been as of late.

However, the highlight of today’s ‘game’ was when Michelle Caruso-Cabrera (far right) shouted her guess, “September 11th!?!”, with an alarmingly enthusiastic tone of glee. Ouch. Poor form, Michelle.

Man, I am all over Power Lunch these days. When I’m not pointing out what nerds Dennis and Bill can be, it’s a surprise I can get any other work done during the day.

UPDATE: Startling new revelations (thanks, commenter) show that it may have been Dennis Kneale who giddily shouted September 11th while Michelle guessed the ’87 crash. Full point deductions for all participants anyway.