Why so serious? Because this motorcycle is a full scale, 1:1 working replica of the prone-position motorcycle that Batman rides in “The Dark Knight.” Seriously. It’s not fully street legal, but it is definitely fully for sale.

The Custom Batpod as it’s called is for sale on eBay for the next week. It took 2 months of research just to start building, and was completed with over 1,000 man hours poured into it. It runs on a high output 650cc 4 stroke, water cooled engine with direct port nitrous injection. It even has dual 50 caliber machine guns, grenade launchers, and grappling hooks (none functional) protruding off the front end. 

It’s got a buy it now price of $100,000, or you can make an offer of your own over at the ebay page right now. It’s being sold as a non-functioning movie prop for legal reasons, and it’s in Satellite Beach, FL. All you have to do to make it (illegally) drivable is connect the chain yourself. Otherwise, you can pay to have it shipped right to your own bat cave.