Amid all the news about Paulson’s bailout plan, I spoke with this guy today about those big public protests that went down while Congress debated a few weeks ago.

Back on September 25th, we wrote about the angry journalist who started the grassroots bailout protest movement with one passionate e-mail. That day hundreds of disenfranchised citizens mobilized to throw their ‘junk’ on the streets near Wall Street hoping the government would “buy their garbage just like it gobbled up Wall Street’s mess.” Not entirely accurate, but an ardent statement nonetheless.

Our friend here, (who preferred to not be mentioned by name because he could get in trouble with work), works for the Downtown Alliance and mentioned that the protesters that day were serious about Wall Street cleaning up their mess. They literally left a large pile of garbage there and went on their merry ways.

“Yeah, they left all that trash down here by the bull. It definitely sucked because most of it was on the side of the street I’m responsible for.”

When I asked did they leave a lot of big stuff, he just shook his head and said, ‘Yeah.’

So there you have it. Kind of an ironic series of events. A bunch of uppity protesters get all high and mighty about elitist Wall Streeters getting their ‘garbage bought’, then proceed to leave it to a hard working sanitation worker to literally pick up the pieces. It’s the epitome of a ‘Wall Street’ to ‘Main Street’ story, am I right?